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Wellness Wonders: 4 Best Spas for Holistic Treatments

Tick your body clock to an overall healthy living by indulging in spa treatments inspired from Balinese, Turkish, and Ayurvedic traditions at these stylish spa destinations

Designed with life transformation in mind, Wellness Tourism or Spa Tourism is gaining grounds amongst today’s millennial travellers. Discover and indulge in some of these holistic retreats that focus on spirituality as well as complementary and alternative treatment techniques to feed your discerning spirit for wellness.

Jiva Spa, Rambagh Palace, Jaipur

Take a step back in time when palaces and indulgent experiences were the mark of a true royal. At Rambagh palace, Jaipur, get ready to indulge in some of the finest outdoor relaxing retreats to savour a heavenly experience. One of the many such experiences is the holistic wellness-based treatments the hotel offers at its exclusive Jiva Spa. Discover the art of wellness with the finesse of Hospitality in the sprawling vastness, amidst verdant expanse, of this beautiful relic from an era gone by. Leave the weight of the world behind your shoulders as you ready yourself for this indulgent experience at Taj Jiva. The select range of exquisite services includes beauty and wellness treatments that befit royals. As always, Taj Jiva combines the best ingredients to offer you everything from glowing skin to a rejuvenated mind and body. This once-in-a-lifetime experience will leave you feeling deeply refreshed and rejuvenated, and in sync with your eternal being. Jiva Spa offers a range of signature wellness experiences, including Indian therapies, treatments, massages, body scrubs and wraps, spa indulgences, and beauty facials. Experience the Taj special spa features such as Soma: A couple-only therapy, where you both get to experience a romantic candlelit aromatherapy massage and rose petal bath, improving your overall psychological or physical well-being; Soundarya: A therapeutic experience involving a nourishing scrub, wrap, aromatherapy massage and a facial that’ll bring back the radiance of your skin; Sukha: Indulge in a deep nourishing scrub and a wrap of your choice followed by a Pehlwan Malish, the powerful Indian oil massage; Vishuddi: A detoxifying massage that eliminates the impurities gained in our daily life, stimulating the circulation of blood, lymph and energy; Ventoz: The ancient Indian treatment using heat in a glass to create a vacuum, to relieve knots and sore muscles; Spa Energising Facial: An energising mini facial for all skin types, this facial cleanses, stimulates and tightens the skin for an instantly radiant look; Pada Mardana: A traditional Indian foot massage, this is a transcendent massage therapy for your tired soles.

Kaya Kalp Spa – the Royal Spa, ITC Mughal, Agra

Experience the splendour and grandiosity of the Mughal Dynasty that has inspired the rich architecture and landscaped gardens at the ITC Mughal, Agra. There are channels of running water, fountains and outdoor rain water showers, courts full of verdant pastures open to the skies, and interiors embellished with stone latticework, mother-of-pearl, inlay and mirror work.

Kaya Kalp – the Royal Spa at ITC Mughal, Agra, recreates the grand and luxurious lifestyle of the Mughal Dynasty, with its variety of offerings designed to suit the millennial travellers. Spread over a vast expanse of green reserves, this is the largest spa in India and offers therapy based on ancient customs of Indian wellness techniques, to create meaningful experiences for the soul. Experience different Body Treatments, including Pomegranate Sugar Scrub, Indian Aromasoul Rice Exfoliation, and Revitalising Mud Wrap. Discover the magic of Ayurveda with a 4-step ‘Passage to India’ spa journey, involving Guided Meditation, Abhyanga Massage, Shirodhara, Mung Bean Exfoliation and the Royal Mughal Hammam.

Atmantan Resort & Spa, Mulshi, Maharashtra

Nestled in spacious 40-acre surroundings and in the lap of the imposing Sahyadri Mountains, overlooking the blue waters of Mulshi Lake, is the novel Atmantan Resort Spa, offering a sea of spa activities for holistic well-being. Relying on the principle that our body has the innate ability to self-heal, Atmantan is a haven of rest, offering an amalgamation of solitude, relaxation, health and well-being. The Spa menu at Atmantan includes traditional Ayurveda, Western massages, oriental acupressure, aromatherapy treatments, holistic anti-ageing facials, the Chi Nei Tsang treatment, purifying body polishes, cocooning wraps and the Pranic Chakra Cleansing. It also includes specialist treatments such as the Turkish Hammam, Vichy showers, open-colonics and soothing Balneotherapy. The resort has 23 spacious and distinctively designed Spa treatment rooms, a serene outdoor meditation pavilion, Dhyana, and the Prana Amphitheatre, providing inspiring spaces to soul-search, meditate, relax and wake up to self-realisation. Atmantan believes in the complete and sacred unison of atma (soul), mann (mind) and tann (body), for it even provides a specially curated spa cuisine featuring dishes made straight out of earth’s bounty (plants, herbs and spices). Such an experience is not only invigorating for our senses, but elevates the energies of our body to a totally renewed level of harmony and tranquillity.

Fivelements, Ubud, Bali

Situated amidst the wilderness of nature, next to the free-flowing Ayung River, Fivelements is an award-winning healing and wellness retreat, set amid a quiet jungle near Ubud, Bali, offering an oasis of greenery to escape from modern-day stresses. A perfect place for rejuvenating body and spirit, this wellness retreat offers tailor-made, signature wellness programmes exclusively made for that ‘spa-craving holiday’ you’ve been wanting for so long. The melange of therapies at Fivelements include Balinese massage, acupuncture, colonic cleansing and chakra balancing, as well as a living foods nutrition plan and sacred arts practices such as meditation, martial arts and yoga for balance and inner strength, amidst eco-conscious settings. Emanating warmth and care, which are preambles to the ancient Balinese culture, the expert spa staff at Fivelements provide you with a highly personalised experience, with a focus on holistic wellness. The spa therapies include Signature Rejuvenation Retreat (‘Panca Mahabhuta’ – Five Elements), a complete Balinese-inspired therapy administered by traditional Balinese healers, designed to tune in on the spiritual, physical and emotional levels, allowing an organic healing process to unfold naturally. The second programme at Fivelements is ‘Tri Kaya Parisudha’ Retreat, the signature cleansing programme inspired by the ancient Balinese philosophy that promotes living with purity of thought, speech, and action. This specialised retreat includes traditional Balinese healing therapies aimed at detoxifying and purifying the physical body, sekala, and the non-physical mind and soul, niskala, thus unifying body and mind towards a natural harmonious state of wellness, which is in tune with your eternal soul.

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