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The 'Royal' Cafe: A Tour of the Royal Enfield Garage Cafe

A perfect place for long, slow evenings, the Royal Enfield Garage Café imbibes the cultural ethos of Goa in its uniquely designed spaces showcasing the brand’s romance with the passion of motorcycling

Situated next to Baga Creek locale in Goa, the Royal Enfield Garage Café is a port of call for travellers and tourists alike. The place, with its picturesque locale, beckons you to cross its threshold to experience the new ‘Royal Enfield’ escapade – with your hands resting on the tabletops instead of being on the bike’s handlebar. The one-of-a-kind café marries Hospitality with Motorcycling. The unhurried, laidback aura of the café puts you at ease, and transports you to pre-WWII days, with its beautiful museum, featuring dated Royal Enfield motorcycles from the 1960s to the early 2000s.

Studio Lotus is working closely with Royal Enfield to offer a richer, more comprehensive experience of the iconic brand – going beyond mere retail outlets and celebrating Royal Enfield’s commitment to ‘pure motorcycling’ – to develop immaculately curated spaces that pay homage to the motorcycling lifestyle, in key destinations across the country.

The place exudes a sense of spaciousness with interiors displaying the handpicked, chosen fragments of history that are hallmarks of the brand. The design philosophy of the café revolves around the core brand values – timelessness, craftsmanship, and an unadulterated love for motorcycling – weaving a beautiful narrative encompassing elements of traditional Portuguese architecture and artworks by CoDesign, Monde Art and Hanif Qureshi of St+Art, visually integrated with the beautiful landscape of the state.

The well-travelled menu features specialty coffees and teas and a careful selection of fares drawn from local and international cuisines, to satiate the inveterate gourmet in you. Overall, the café is a seamless amalgamation of retail space, a bar and restaurant, a bike-customisation area, and a service centre. The cafe is also a place to awaken the kindred spirits connection as you break into a cheery singalong with your fellow travel-mates to the music beats of the 60s and 70s.

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