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Taming the Waters: Top 5 Places for Watersports

Each of these incredible destinations offers the perfect combination of thrill, excitement and adrenaline rush

Adrenaline pumping action, unlimited thrill and hair raising manoeuvres–water sports has it all. Being in the water and manoeuvring the various challenges that it throws up – monster waves, angry tides, et al, brings with it its own ecstasy. Water sports have always attracted their fair share of enthusiasts, while constantly attracting newer ones. The options for indulging in various kinds of water sports are countless. However, there are a few destinations around the world that stand out owing to their inherent uniqueness. Check them out!

Surf Mountains at Mavericks, California

Mavericks is a surfing location located a few miles north of Half Moon Bay, California, and a quarter mile off Pillar Point Harbour. The waves here are not just perfect, but rather, present a picture of awe and splendour. A 20-ft wave breaks like a hollow six-footer, exploding top to bottom with a ferocity that is indescribable. History has it that Half Moon Bay resident Jeff Clark had watched massive waves breaking out on a reef while surfing at nearby Ross’ Cove in the 1970s’. Being a goof foot, Clark decided to surf the wave alone, unlike his peers. He had Mavericks to himself for 15 years, and by 1990, he was getting lonely. On 22 January, 1990, Clark led Santa Cruz surfers Dave Schmidt and Tom Powers into a monster swell at his private domain. They paddled out and experienced one of the most amazing moments of their lives. Titans of Mavericks, the world’s high adrenaline, big wave surfing event, is held every year at Mavericks and displays some outstanding skill, risk and athleticism.

Windsurfing at Alacati, Turkey

Located on the Cesme Peninsula, Alacati is the perfect surf point in the Turkish Aegean Sea. Who does not dream of rushing over flat, turquoise waters with consistent and reliable winds? With Izmir just 3hrs away by flight, and the transfer to Alacati only 60 mins, it is the perfect windsurfing destination. Alacati is situated in a huge protected bay, with a 500-m-long and 400-m-wide shallow area of shimmering turquoise water. In the south, the bay gives way to the open sea. The constant and reliable wind, which blows side shore from the left during summer, and the absolutely flat water create perfect conditions for experienced windsurfers. Also, those who want to learn how to windsurf and practise their new skills will be treated to near perfect windsurfing conditions. The kite spot is on the opposite side of the bay. It offers similar water and wind conditions and can be reached either by car or by the local centers shuttle boat.

Go Scuba Diving in ex-HMAS Brisbane

Ex-HMAS Brisbane, a former warship, now lies sunk in 28m of water, off the Sunshine Coast. The decommissioned HMAS Brisbane was sunk, using explosive charges on 31st July, 2005. This growing artificial reef and world-class site is known as one of Australia’s premier wreck dive destinations. The ex-HMAS Brisbane provides excellent opportunities for scuba diving and limited snorkelling. Divers with varying levels of experience and certification – from open water level to advanced wreck certified divers are able to enjoy all that this site offers. The wreck has been kept in its original condition as far as possible, making it both visually appealing and interesting for divers. While the smoke stack starts at just 3m below the surface, the ship itself is eight storeys high and seven cricket-pitches long. Access holes allow passage in the forward engine room, boiler room, gun mount and the ship’s interior, where divers can view living and sleeping quarters used by the crew during the ship’s service.

Kayaking at Lake Tahoe, California

With crystal-clear waters set amidst majestic mountain scenery, Kayaking at Lake Tahoe could really be an exhilarating experience. The lake is devoid of strong currents or any large predatory water animals, which means that one has all the time to absorb the beauty of the surrounding landscape. Lake Tahoe offers an endless array of water sports options for individuals seeking superb kayaking and kayaking fishing opportunities. This destination is eminent for its large mackinaw and kokanee salmon. The best spot to nab a mackinaw is the Emerald Bay area and along the northwestern shore. There are abundant scenic areas to paddle throughout Lake Tahoe’s 72 miles of shoreline. One can also explore the crystal-clear waters along Lake Tahoe’s eastern shore, where the protruding boulders above the lake’s water surface form intricate mazes with narrow passageways, thus offering excellent opportunities for navigation. The bottom of the lake alternates between glittering white sand and granite boulders. One has the option of paddling along the shoreline or joining a tour.

Sailing in Capri, Italy

This island in the Tyrrhenian Sea has numerous small beaches around its coast that are covered with small, smooth pebbles. Some stretches of the coast feature quite dramatic rocks, protruding from warm, crystal-clear water. Approaching the coast from a boat tour is a popular activity here. Capri is a glamorous island, known for its luxurious villas, steep hills and Limoncello. Despite the expensive lifestyle maintained here, there are a lot of free beaches for all the guests who visit the island. A trip along the coast by boat is definitely a must during any vacation on Capri, especially in the summer months. Out at sea, you can escape the heat and crowds during the hottest hours of the day on the island. Most boat rental and charter companies on Capri are located in Marina Grande, the island’s port and marina. This is where most private boat tours will depart from and where you can hire a dinghy or boat without a skipper. There are a number of companies which offer boat tours of Capri and the Amalfi Coast, departing from the island and arriving in Positano. A large ‘gozzo’ or speedboat is always used for this type of tour.

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