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Travel in Solitude: 5 Best Places for Solo Travellers

Explore the world as a solo traveller, emancipate your mind, and let freedom take charge

The loneliness of a wanderer, gliding through time, in an empty measure, with no destination in preview, arouses a sense of romanticism. The washed up shores, innumerable little new things of quaint little towns and cities, the fresh air of autumn in a hill-town, all of these directly contribute to the grand scheme of life. For a traveller, these nuances of travelling become the be-all and end-all of his expectations. Then again, such romanticism is only found in a virginal mind, unhindered from the daily nauseating consequences of earning a living and that is why youth is the most significant time of any person’s life. As Johnny Mercer had written in the iconic song, Moon River, from the notion picture, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, “two drifters off to see the world, there is such a lot of world to see…” it is after all only during youth when you can wilfully get lost on unknown streets at midnight, and into its abysmal darkness you surrender yourself. Even though you might have come off age, it is never too late.

Bruges, Belgium

A fairytale medieval town, Bruges is located in the Flemish region of Belgium. The city is what you might call, “a dream,” with its cobbled streets and numerous canals. The right way to explore the city of Bruges is by taking a boat ride and exploring the corners of the city. It is really a paradise for history enthusiasts and the world away from the world as you know. High Point: Basilica of the Holy Blood, which is believed to be housing the relic of the Holy Blood.

Naples, Italy

The charming disposition of Naples wells up a certain romanticism, which is unmatched to any other. An artistic, almost dramatic city, it is the third largest city of Italy. With castles, palaces and churches, the city makes a classic statement and demands to be seen. With the Gulf of Naples opening up to the Mediterranean Sea, the profound scenic beauty of Naples is something to behold. It is believed that you get the best pizzas, pastas and coffee here, so why not? High Point: The historic ruins of Pompeii, just 3 hours away from the city of Naples.

Telluride, Colorado

Nature’s very own wonderland, Telluride is a place away which is cut off from the outside world. The beautiful little town is surrounded on three sides by peaks, directly overlooking the quaint little town. Telluride is known for skiing, and winter is the time when people come to partake in winter sports. You could call it a mountain village, a paradise on earth with an old-world charm. A definitive charmer, Telluride can open the secret window to your soul. High Point: The Telluride Bluegrass Festival that attracts scores of tourists every year.

Warsaw, Poland

The love for Fedric Chopin is enough to pull any romantic traveller to Warsaw in Poland. The fascinating old capital of Poland is known for its diverse architecture, the Restored Gothic, communist concrete, modern glass and steel. The museums of Warsaw are homes to history, especially related to World War II, as Warsaw was the largest Jewish ghetto in Nazi-occupied Europe. The city is by far the best in Europe, in regard to restaurants and entertainment, so do indulge in some Polish nightlife. High Point: Wolf’s Lair – Adolf Hitler’s Eastern Front World War II headquarters in the Masurian Woods.

Constanta, Romania

Considered to be the oldest inhibited city of Romania, founded way back in 600 BC, it is in the Dobruja region. The obvious attraction of the city is Black Sea, on the coast of which the city sits, and here it is where you can spend a long time watching the breathtaking sea. The anachronistic beauty of this city comes alive with its museums. Head to the Genoese Lighthouse, located off Strada Remus Opreanu and a pier, which has a fine view of old Constanta. They say the restaurants here are the best you can find in Romania. High Point: The Dolphinarium where Dolphin shows are held in the large amphitheatre.

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