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Koh Samui goes green to protect the island's ecosystem

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is working together with local stakeholders and tourists on Koh Samui to eliminate the use of single-use plastics and encourage all to 'reduce, reuse and recycle' plastics to help protect the island’s ecosystem.

Local Thai authorities on Koh Samui are proactively campaigning for recycling and waste management. It is urging residents and business operators to separate their waste for recycling to reduce the amount of garbage produced on the island.

Waste reduction thinking is quickly gaining traction amongst environmentally concerned Thai businesses and globetrotters on Koh Samui.

With some of the most stunning landscapes in Thailand, it is no wonder that visitors to Koh Samui continue to increase at an astonishing pace. With this influx comes a need to find a balance between the competitive, high level service and environmental impact. Fortunately, as attention has turned to exploring ways to preserve Koh Samui’s delicate ecosystem, travellers can give back to the local Thai community by creating less waste and leaving a minimal holiday footprint.

Local stores and shops on the island are campaigning against single-use plastics. Hotels and resorts as well as tourism-related businesses on Koh Samui are also helping to lead the way on responsible waste management by following the three ‘R’ principle: reduction, reuse and recycle. Luxury resorts on Koh Samui were among the first to use the plant-based straw revolution that is sweeping across Thailand and make their tourism operations more sustainable.

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