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Treebo Hotels to Launch Three Sub-brands

One of India’s leading travel brands, Treebo has unveiled a new brand identity, in line with the vision that the company adopted for itself earlier this year. In addition to refreshing the visual identity, the company also announced a change in the naming architecture of its properties with the launch of 3 sub-brands.

Explaining the new approach, co-founder Sidharth Gupta said, "Treebo exists to provide delightful experiences to every single traveller. That's the purpose we defined for ourselves earlier this year. As part of this vision, we see ourselves as more than just a hotel chain. In fact, we aspire to play a key role in enhancing a traveller's experience in all aspects of his or her journey. We stand for making the joy of travel accessible to everyone by solving the experience problems that often come in the way, especially at a budget price point."

The new identity will centre around a 4-coloured pinwheel, which will replace the green polygon shaped logo that the company used so far. "We saw the colourful pinwheel as the perfect embodiment of our vision. It represents joy, which it delivers through its movement. And it represents ubiquitous access. Anyone can build a pinwheel. Anyone can own a pinwheel. Anyone can enjoy a pinwheel. It is a device that everyone understands and can relate to on an emotional level. It represents the childlike spirit of wonder that accompanies travel", said Gupta.

The company also announced the launch of 3 sub-brands for its hotel portfolio. Called "Trip", "Trend", and "Tryst", these brands will operate at different price points and will have different amenities associated with each. While there will be city and seasonality differences, "Trip" will typically be the entry level brand operating in the Rs 1000-1500 price range, whereas "Tryst" will be a premium-budget brand, which was earlier referred to as "Select", operating in the Rs 2500-4000 price range. However, majority of the portfolio will be categorised under the middle brand, "Trend", and will operate in the Rs 1500-2500 price range.

Treebo had recently announced its foray into the homestay segment. Earlier this year, it had also acquired a tours and activities company called Events High. These moves have been in line with the company's goal of becoming a travel brand, and not just a hotel chain.

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