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IndiGo Partners with Michelin for Long-Term Supply of Tyres

Michelin, a worldwide leader in Aviation tyres, will now be IndiGo’s trusted partner for long-term supply of tyres for its Airbus and ATR Fleets, and will help IndiGo to create better value for its passengers by equipping its fleet with environment-friendly, fuel efficient Michelin Air tyres.

Since its inception in August 2006, IndiGo has grown from a single-plane carrier to a fleet of 189 aircraft, and currently operates flights to 48 domestic and 11 international destinations. Known for its customer service, IndiGo has a simple philosophy – offer fares that are low, flights that are on-time, and a travel experience that is courteous and hassle-free. Aligned with this philosophy, IndiGo has been buying customer-friendly & fuel efficient A320 NEO family aircraft, for which Michelin also happens to be an OE tyre supplier.

Michelin AIR X radial tyre is the reference in the global aircraft tire market. This tyre promises to provide an overall reduction in the operational costs through increased number of aircraft landings, better fuel efficiency & exceptional resistance to foreign object damage. Thanks to its innovative radial casing design, the tyres are also environment friendly, as they are designed to utilise fewer components and use less fuel leading to less CO2 emissions.

Frank Moreau, President of Michelin Aircraft Tyre, commented: “We have developed truly high-technology tyres that are perfectly adapted to the needs of the airlines. This means that we not only combined a high level of safety in extreme conditions and guarantee a large number of landings, but also allow fuel efficiency and environment friendliness”. The close strategic partnership forged between IndiGo and Michelin is poised to bring significant value to the aviation market not only in terms of enhanced safety and efficiency, but also in terms of contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly environment.

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