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Travel Agents Association of India Is Set to Organise its 65th Convention in China: Upcoming Attract

The stage is all set for the 65th Convention of TAAI being held in Kunming, China from the 27th to 29th

November, 2018. This historic convention being organised in association with Yunnan Provincial Tourism Development Commission (YPTDC), China, and will herald a new level of tourism ties between India and China.

Here are some of the features of the upcoming 65th Convention of TAAI.

a) The event is being held in the most wonderful city - Kunming, in the popular Yunnan Province. It is an

outstandingly classy city and offers incredible attractions.

b) The Convention is a huge reflection of Luxury Tourism. The convention hotel and the hotels used

for Pre and Post Tours are high-end and offer great experiences to the delegates.

c) The opening ceremony of the Convention is being held in the astounding "palace like" Haigeng

Convention Centre. The Vice Governor of Yunnan Province, Chen Shun, is the distinguished guest.

d) An array of Global & National Speakers will enthrall the delegates with interactive presentations

e) Li Bijian, DCM and Minister Counselor, Embassy of China, New Delhi, will be addressing the

delegates on November 28, 2018.

f) Intercontinental Hotel, Kunming, is an example of high luxury with its huge All-Day Dining facility and

most exclusive surroundings, close to the most famous Dianchi Lake, This is the Headquarters' Hotel as well as the

Convention Venue. All Delegates attending the Convention will be residing in Intercontinental Hotel.

g) Pre and Post Tours will be offered to Dali, Yuxi and Lijiang. In addition, there will be City tours and also tours to

the Sleeping Beauty - Western mountains and the amazing wonder - Stone Forest & Caves

h) Entertainment will be endless – a combination of Chinese & Indian ethnicity and culture will dominate

the entertainment scene at Kunming.

i) It will be a wonderful networking opportunity for the Delegates, especially when TAAI offers choicest

of hospitality in our usual uncompromising manner. A large team of Chefs in China and Intercontinental will be supported by a delegation of Indian Chefs flown from Kolkata for vegetarians.

j) TAAI's B2B India Travel Trade Expo, will offer opportunities to interact with sellers. A large number of

our sellers are from China.

k) The 2nd TAAI Golf Tournament will be held on November 27, 2018, at the most fascinating

golf course - Kunming Dianchi Lake View Golf Club. The two teams - players from India & China will

play to win the Sino-India TAAI.UNI Golf Cup.

l) SKAL Lunch will be organised on November 29 at Intercontinental Hotel. Gracing this unique event will be Lavonne Wittmann, President, of SKAL International

m) In addition to these exclusive features, TAAI convention will include Convention Bag, welcome receptions, networking lunches, plenty of fellowship and most importantly an ambience that will upscale this convention to a new level.

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