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Top 8 ideas to make your Valentine's Day extra special

Klook, a world leading tours and activities booking platform with over 60,000 activities in over 250 destinations worldwide, has taken the stress out of Valentine’s Day by offering a wealth of experiences for couples, singletons and even those who are still looking to find love. For couples, Klook’s specially designed ‘For Lovers’ categorisation filter is readily built into the app to inspire users with fresh ideas on how to spend the international day of love. For singletons and those wanting to embark upon their own romantic adventure, Klook presents a wealth of interesting and intriguing activities that put an entirely new spin on the meaning of Valentine’s Day.

Taking the hassle out of making plans with cashless, on-the go booking systems, here are a few ways that all Klook users, single or committed, can indulge their spontaneity and let out their romantic side this year!

1. Private Candlelight Dinner in Havelock Island

A unique dining experience for those traveling to the stunning Havelock Island. As part of Ritchie’s Archipelago in India’s the Andaman Islands, Havelock Island is known for its serene and beautiful white sand beaches – and is a popular couple escape. Lovers can enjoy romance at its peak with a dinner for two under the moonlit skies – where a four-course meal will be served amongst the natural sounds of the lapping waves of the Andaman Sea.

2. Dinner for Two Salathip Thai Restaurant in Shangri-La Hotel, Bangkok

Known as the city of angels, Bangkok is full of rich culture and historical urban settings. Seated along Bangkok’s Chao Phraya River, the Salathip Thai Restaurant invites guest to dine at a Thai-style gazebo or an outdoor al-fresco area to experience Thailand’s decadent traditions through a 7-course artistic rendition of refined local specialties. The night will continue to unravel with cultural dance performances – an unforgettable occasion.

3. Venice Gondola Ride

The city iconic for its absence of roads, Venice’s narrow canals and artisan community is an experience in its own class. With colorful architecture and narrow canals, Venice is a city which needs to be enjoyed aboard one of its famed gondolas. Couples will be able to soak in the rich colors of the surrounding city as they embark upon a private ride into the sunset accompanied by local musicians.

4. Lake Mývatn Hike and Bath

If experiencing the scenes of HBO’s Game of Thrones isn’t enough of a draw, Iceland’s Lake Mývatn is a natural wonder on its own. The contrast in Iceland’s rich landscape of dark earth against lush green pastures will help to create a setting for an intimate occasion. Guests will enjoy meeting like-minded enthusiasts, with a hike through Iceland’s geothermal caves before distressing with a dip in the warmth of Iceland’s geothermal waters— with maybe even a chance to rub shoulders with a future love interest.

5. Waiheke Island Zipline and Wine Tasting Day Tour

The ultimate solo adventure that brings new places, new people and new opportunities together. Sitting at about 13 kilometres from Auckland’s city-central ferry terminal, Waiheke Island is a destination in its own right and regarded as one of the world’s best islands by travel authorities like Lonely Planet and Conde Nast. The tour encompasses the island’s best, starting with the ferry over to enjoy a sight of New Zealand’s waters to a visit to the islands most popular attractions. Finally, immersive experience with nature awaits, with a zipline through New Zealand’s lush forests and a wind down with a selection of wine from three different vineyards.

6.Goa Hot Air Balloon Flight

Find love in the clouds! For those adventure seekers unafraid to embark on experience at the strike of dawn, romantic hopefuls can enjoy a picturesque sunrise over Goa suspended 2,500 feet above the ground. The hot air balloon flight offers a 360-degree panoramic view of the surrounding area’s natural beauty creating many moments to inspire a new love interest.

7. Sunset Cruise in Phnom Penh

This tour invites guests to get lost and glide through the world’s twelfth longest river, the Mekong River, amidst Phnom Penh’s culture and mirage of colors at sunset. An area popular with curious minds and those indulging in wanderlust, lovers and singles alike can leave with heart and bellies full from a memorable evening viewing the city’s landmarks and an all-you-can-eat buffet style dinner.

8. Marrakech City Tour

Fall in love with a city whilst finding love in the city! Those with an interest to explore Morocco’s prosperous cultural identity can withdraw from their everyday and escape into the rich history of Marrakech. An exploration of one of the oldest existing quarters in the world gives an experience of what life in the medieval era was like – leading guests through the ancient walled city of Medina. Guests of this tour will have the chance to reel in the city’s atmosphere and garner a moment to inspire romance.

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