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Corporate Jet-Setter: An Interview with Vinith Vijayan, Senior General Manager, Administration, Adit

Q: Most memorable trip to any destination? The hot air balloon ride at Cappadocia, Turkey, at – 11 degrees. The sheer thrill of the trip will be remembered for lifetime. Q: You dream of going to? I have always wanted to visit Switzerland. Q: Favourite airline & why? Air Seychelles. They have an excellent customer serving attitude and are so proud about their country and always eager to talk to all the tourists visiting their country. A lesson we indians need to learn. Q: Best hotel experience & why? Hotel Akra, Antalya, Turkey. Best location, best views of sea and mountains, proximity to airport and all other tourist places, excellent and fast service, and overall real 5-Star services made my experience a really good one. Q: A place you plan to visit again? It will be to Boracay, Philippines, for its beaches, water activities, entertaining atmosphere and carefree life. Q: A family vacation that stands out? The visit to Govardhan Eco Village, near Wada district, Maharashtra, stands out as our finest family vacation, for some serious religious learnings and detoxifications. Q: Your best holiday with friends? Trip to Mahabaleshwar with two families. Q: Great food you enjoyed and where? In Sri Lanka, we had enjoyed the non-veg cuisine a lot. Q: What to watch out for while travelling? Read up on the local customs and rules before visiting and behave accordingly. Do not miss out on any place, event, etc. which is particularly famous in that place. Be dressed according to that region and do learn a few basic sentences in the local language. Q: As a travel buyer what’s your philosophy? Buy from all the places that you visit to get memorable items back home and don’t wait to buy from the duty-free shops at airports. You may miss out some local items in the bargain. Do encourage the local handicraftsmen by buying from them to promote their crafts.

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