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Awakening Body & Soul

Healing Holidays at SwaSwara, a CGH Earth Experience

Welcome to Your Inner-Self SwaSwara is where you listen to your inner voice as you go on a path of self-discovery. A retreat to press pause, purge out the grind and reset back to your best self. It is where the curative power of Ayurveda comes together with the calming strength of Yoga and the therapeutic effect of art – for a wholesome experience that rejuvenates the body, nurtures the mind and satiates the soul.

One with the Elements SwaSwara is located on Gokarna’s Om Beach – the serene coastline named after the first sound of creation, ‘Om’. Where the improvised beats of waves crashing on the sand harmonise with the meditative hum of birdsong, providing a background score for an experience that brings you closer to your inner rhythm. Crafted in hues of the earth and designed to organically blend with its environs; its form celebrates simplicity and purity while coexisting with the land and the culture. SwaSwara taps into the energy of Mother Nature to rejuvenate the self. Your time here is designed to be transformative. All the offerings here draw from the age-old wisdom we like to call the ‘Indian consciousness.’

Swa Well-being (3 nights onwards) This programme is about rejuvenating the SwaSwara way – by slowing down so that you can listen to your ‘Swa Swara’, or inner song. It comprises of various mind and body techniques based on Ayurveda, Yoga, and Meditation to combat the daily rigours of modern life. The programme includes activities such as nature trails, pottery and art sessions, Karma Yoga and interactive cooking. It also includes consultations with Ayurveda doctors, group and private yoga sessions and lifestyle guidance by our experienced Ayurveda and Yoga team.

Ayurveda Rejuvenation (7 and 10 nights) This programme uses traditional Ayurvedic principles to de-stress and revitalise from inside out. It includes Ayurveda-inspired meals and the diet is pure vegetarian. Based on the doctor’s analysis of guests’ body constitution, they are prescribed a pure Sattvic, dosha-specific diet to supplement the therapeutic Ayurveda massages.

Ayurveda Detox and Panchakarma (14 nights onwards) An intense, detox programme that starts with a detailed consultation with our Ayurveda doctor to analyse the patient’s ‘prakruti’. It is followed by ‘Snehapana’ – an Ayurvedic detox procedure involving medicated ghee, and Virechana’ – wherein toxins are purged. The procedure ends with therapeutic Ayurveda massages. One is put on a strict, personalised, vegetarian diet prescribed by the doctor, based on their doshas.


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