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Dinesh Bhaskar appointed as Director, Asset Management (Business Development) of Sun Siyam

Sun Siyam has appointed Dinesh Bhaskar as the Director, Asset Management (Business Development). His main scope of service under this appointment will be in formalising critical product development, conceptualisation, direct and drive-all sales and marketing strategies for Siyam World.

Bhaskar will take charge and will be fully responsible in decision-making and answerable to all aspects of Siyam World sales, marketing, revenue and reservations processes. Bhaskar will also be acting as an Advisor to the Chairman and Board of Directors in the group’s sales & marketing process by way of auditing and recommending improvements where necessary. He will also be involved in the conceptualisation of all new products and product development for the brand Sun Siyam.

Bhaskar has been actively involved with the Maldives Tourism Industry for the past 25 years. In his last position, he was the Group Director – Sales & Marketing for Atmosphere Hotels & Resorts and was primarily responsible for the successful creation and launch of the brand and its dramatic growth during the past five years. Prior to this, he was with Shangri-la Hotels as well as with Taj Hotels and have been involved with many new resort openings within the Maldives. With an American Express background, he is also popular worldwide for his innovative and unique holiday offerings, which has captured the imagination of one & all. With over 30 years in varied sales and marketing leadership positions, customer service, operations, IT, banking, airline and hospitality sectors, from which an impressive 25+ years is with Maldives travel and tourism experience. We are delighted of this appointment and to be able to tap into his vast experience and knowledge of the travel trade for the progress of our organisation.

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