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Reviving Public Confidence to Travel takes Centrestage at Today's Traveller Webinar

While the world is opening up slowly to economic activity, the less impacted industries are at the forefront of the upturn. The Travel industry is more sentiment-driven than others and will take much longer to recover. While the government with the new norms is making all efforts in opening tourists places, hotels, airlines and other infrastructure the negative sentiment in the mind of the consumer raises a big concern.

The Revival of Public Confidence to Travel is a precursor to the start of Domestic Tourism.

To address these and other questions, Today's Traveller's Webinar had a Panel of Thought leaders with immense experience to show the way. The Chief Guest was Meenakshi Sharma, IA & AS Director General (Tourism), Ministry of Tourism. The esteemed Panelists included KB Kachru, Vice President HAI & Chairman Emeritus & Principal Advisor, South Asia, Radisson Hotel Group; Mandeep S. Lamba, HVS President of South Asia; Anil Chadha, Chief Operating Officer, ITC Hotels and PP Khanna, President Association of Domestic Tour Operators of India.

The session was moderated by Ms Kamal Gill, Managing Director and Executive Editor of the Gill India Group.

Key Takeaways:

  • Bringing back consumer confidence critical for a travel rebound

  • A new Ministry of Tourism campaign on the cards: It will outline how India is going to receive visitors

  • Addressing consumer fears with good communication strategy is critical; Stories on local love, destinations and Responsible luxury as examples were shared Initially, Assurance exercises to be brought to the public by individual stakeholders; Hotels are ready with such campaigns; Dekho Apna Desh campaign by Ministry already underway

  • Emerging travel dynamics: Industry collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism to work on confidence-building campaigns

  • Industry and Govt to work together, combining issues like liquidity, insolvency and simultaneously building trust

  • Market insights: Pent-up local demand reflected in good turnout at hotel F&B outlets; Luxury travel will recover faster than others

  • Large sections of younger people can travel, millennial want to travel as long as the industry can disseminate the right information based on facts

  • The industry has to build trust by demonstrating activities. The new luxury words are safety and hygiene.

  • Revisit and adjust the current hospitality safety protocols. Challenge is not to turn a hotel into a hospital. It is how to make guests feel welcome while also maintaining safety standards

  • Bigger brands handhold smaller brands and help them follow SOP’s Focus on minimum SOPs.

  • Tour operators to work with FAITH, HAI and Ministry of Tourism for audited Safety Certification. Certification has to be based on third party assessment.

  • Ministry of Tourism creating help for micro-segments

  • Once Corona infections flatten, free interstate movement would accelerate domestic travel

  • Use digital creativity to reach out to consumers and increase online reach

  • Responsible luxury protocols can benchmark hygiene and safety for other players

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